How to cut a normal SIM into a micro SIM ?

How to cut a normal SIM  into a micro SIM ?
It’s easy to cut ,but carefully.

  1.  I have three SIMs that two normal SIMs and a micro SIM.
    A right side SIM is not used now.
    So it was chosen as a test cutting SIM.

    Today, I want to cut into a micro SIM is the middle SIM.(It’s a old Nokia’s SIM)


  1. Practice is very important every time.
    You can’t make a mistake.
    You’ll need followings.
    A very sharp knife, masking tape, double sided tape, a ruler, an adapter of micro SIM.
  2. You have to fix the SIM on the cutting mat by double sided tape.
  3. Mark the some point on the SIM by micro SIM adapter.


In the end, Cut slowly, carefully and take it easy.

See! Pice of cake!

いいね ! しよう

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